About DFW Sun Club

DFW Sun Club started summer of 2012 as a small, private, active, non-landed nudist club comprised of about 30 couples who enjoy social nude recreation in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We are always looking for couples to join us.

We are a like-minded and fun-loving group living mostly in the DFW area who have formed a social, nudist travel club. As a non-landed club, DFW Sun Club does not own any property, operate a resort or have any permanent physical facilities. The club meets at our members’ homes, mostly on Saturdays, for recreation, pot-luck dinner, and fellowship. Occasionally we organize group outings to resorts both local and Mexico.

We are not a swinger's club. We are not exhibitionists, voyeurs, nor are we purveyors of pornography. We simply feel that couples can all live a more relaxed and enriched life without the necessity of wearing our clothes all the time. DFW Sun Club members are regular people in every way. Like all nudists, we accept people for who they are, as they are. We come from all types of backgrounds and professions, all ages and in all shapes and sizes.

Club Events

We gather as often as we can to enjoy the sun, summer breeze and water as nature intended. Our parties are safe, private, fun events, exactly like you would expect any polite group of clothing-compulsive friends to enjoy together--but we have the option to wear what we were born in.

During the beautiful Texas summer (May-September) our party planner schedules as many pool parties at members' homes as we can squeeze into the calendar. Normally we have a party every other weekend. At our pool parties, we enjoy the afternoon sun followed by a great members provided pot-luck dinner, and then relaxing as night falls under the Texas stars.

In the cooler months (October-April), we schedule several themed indoor parties around all of the major and minor holidays: Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Spring Equinox - you name it! We don't need much of an excuse. The companionship (and food!) is always great, and our members enjoy a relaxing, and friendly environment at all our events and parties.

Our parties are low-key affairs. Everyone is expected to behave exactly as you would expect polite people to behave at any clothed social gathering like a company dinner party or PTA meeting.

Social Nudism

Social nudism isn't about sex. It's about enjoying the freedom, comfort and camaraderie that being clothes free with others brings to everyone who tries it. Rarely do couples try DFW Sun Club and not enthusiastically join us.

If you've ever wondered about social nudism, we invite you to give it a try. Our activity is private so no one will know but you. Many of our members are closet nudists. Still unsure? Wear your bathing suit till you're ready. Chances are, it will be one of the most enjoyable and life changing things you will ever do.

What Next?

Email club Admin at Admin@dfwsunclub.org with a breif introduction and a way to contact you. All contact is totally anonymous.

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